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Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

AyatiWorks is one of the top leading digital marketing agencies in Chennai that helps your business make an impactful presence in the digital world through insightful planning and strategizing. We provide a 360 degree solution to ensure your brand creates an impactful online presence. Due to the ever evolving and dynamic nature of the digital, Ayatiworks with its tech-savvy and creative team aims to provide some of the finest digital marketing services in Chennai. Some of our services include Digital media planning ,Buying or Social Media Marketing , Content and SEO Strategy , Influencer Marketing and Marketing Strategy Consulting . It’s always about garnering success by creating an omnichannel presence

We work behind-the‐scenes to ensure there is no confusion over our strategy which focuses primarily around delivering value beyond mere marketing. As an online digital marketing agency we're committed to innovation and delivering a broad range of digital marketing services for clients across all industries from healthcare to education; We bring together a fresh perspective and agile, time-tested as well as evolving methods to both established companies as well as startups in order to improve their marketing, branding, and operational effectiveness

Why choose Ayatiworks?

As a digital marketing company, we’ve spent our time harnessing the power of technology to help our clients thrive and flourish digitally. What sets us apart from the rest and makes us the leading digital marketing agency in Chennai is our ROI- centric approach. All our activities are strategized to obtain the best possible returns. Our approach to this digital transformation is rooted firmly in the belief that both the company and the customers should benefit simultaneously. As a result of this focus on sustainable success, our team is made up both from long-established players in sales, marketing, web designing, graphical designing and content as well industry veterans with extensive experience managing brands across multiple industries. We believe that each member of our team can offer expert guidance and insight within their respective fields, and treat your business and products as their own, while they tend to it with the utmost care.

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Our Technology Partners

We partnered with Technology Managers to increase its skills at every step of the software development process.


Meet Our Leaders

Meet our leaders and the hard-working personalities who deliver innovative concepts to corporations like yours.


CEO Ayatiworks

Homer Reyes

Vice President

Som Shekar
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Suhasini Hasan
Abishek Amrutha
Sathish Deepa
Haripriya Isai
Swayam Siddha
VJ Kalyani

Maximize your advertising ROI, reach your target audience, and drive conversions with our expert digital media planning and buying services. Let us help you develop a comprehensive media plan and execute it flawlessly across all digital channels.


Streamline your advertising campaigns and reach your target audience with our cutting-edge programmatic solutions. Let us move from manual processes to greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Bring your brand to life and captivate your audience with our high-quality digital video creation and marketing services. Let us tell your story and make a lasting impression with the power of video.


Boost your online visibility, attract more traffic, and convert leads into customers with our expert content and SEO strategy services.


Partner with the right influencers and harness the power of social media to reach your target audience, build credibility, and drive sales with our influencer marketing services.


Develop a winning marketing strategy, gain a competitive edge, and achieve your business goals. Let us help you identify new opportunities, optimize your marketing efforts, and drive results that matter.

Over 500 clients and 5,000 projects across the globe.

Client Success Stories

Our Clients


Nova lifespace Pvt Ltd, based in Chennai, is a forerunner among India's multinational property developers. They provide eco-friendly, future-ready houses with state-of-the-art design and features such as sustainability, smart homes, and space efficiency.


Our objective was to handle their social media pages across five states in southern India and increase positive customer engagement. We developed multilingual, multicultural and localised content to suit their business needs in each of the states.

Vels Group

Vels Group is a renowned educational institution since its advent 29 years ago. A pride name in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, Vels Group was looking to expand its presence to the rest of the country.


A new, first-in-the-market product, Herbale approached us to help them boost visibility and sales in social media.The challenge, in this case, was the fact that there wasn’t much room for error. Health products have razor-thin profit margins,

Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Hotel Saravana Bhavan is a chain of Indian vegetarian restaurants built across the globe with a legacy of 40 years in service. A renowned brand with 27 outlets in South India, 3 in the North and 25 countries with 81 outlets across the globe, approached us to increase their brand value through digital marketing.


We worked with Hero, who manufacture Motorcycles and Scooters. Hero started off as a simple company 37 years ago, but over time they have become versatile vehicle manufacturers made for people to commute longer distances. It’s now a common method of commuting for all age groups.

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