Digital Media Planning and Buying


We worked with Hero, who manufacture Motorcycles and Scooters. Hero started off as a simple company 37 years ago, but over time they have become versatile vehicle manufacturers made for people to commute longer distances. It’s now a common method of commuting for all age group

Client Brief

The client approached us with a limited ad budget and a desire to start experimenting with some digital marketing tactics to capture a larger share of the demographic.

When ad budgets are tight, some entrepreneurs mistakenly conclude that organic traffic is their only option.

However, for those who understand how to utilize paid traffic, you can get significant reach and conversions in a very short amount of time which could benefit your business more than waiting months and months to rank in organic search.

For Hero, we launched campaigns on Facebook and Instagram across all major devices. This way, we could be sure that the client had visibility on different devices and on different platforms.

The campaign consisted of display ads to drive brand awareness and product-listing ads that users would see when they searched for a competitor. From there, we monitored the ROI of each channel and killed all underperforming ads.


App installs




Organic Reach


Website Visits