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The Internet is an ocean of websites. In an Ocean full of websites, yours might tend to get lost. Partnering with the right SEO Marketing company will not only elevate your digital presence but also make it user friendly and easy to approach. With the right content marketing company, you will be able to land those pages as and when required. While we aim to elevate your digital experience, our social media marketing services will attempt to elevate your social media experience. With the right SEO techniques and strategies in place, Ayatiworks aims on providing 360 degree fruitful digital presence.

Our Works

Planning with Purpose - Our Results Driven Approach

Identify Target Audience

Engaging right techniques to identify current or potential customers who use search engines to identify businesses. Our SEO experts will help grow your digital presence and your business.

Conduct Keyword Research

Implementing the right keywords that people enter into search engines so that your page is ranked higher is what our SEO experts focus on.

Create high-quality Content

Content should be created in such a way that makes people discover us. Our Content Team ensures to produce high quality content so that it builds trust with the audience and keeps bringing them back.

Optimize your website

Our SEO experts believe that in the optimization of your website lies a great user experience. Our optimization techniques will help search engines understand your page better and rank more.

Build Backlinks

Implementing Backlinks to increase the popularity of your website with users. One of the most important SEO strategies to make your website look good.

Monitor and analyze your results

Reports to determine how well SEO is increasing the performance of your website and how much action is required to further increase its relevance.

Unveiling our Winning Strategy: How we Succeed


1. On Page SEO

Conduct Keyword Research

Google keeps updating its algorithm, but one thing remains constant: Keyword Research. Finding and implementing the right keyword that users enter to increase page rank.

Optimizing meta titles, descriptions, and header tags

Creating and optimizing compelling titles, descriptions and header tags that enables search engines to land your page. With the right titles and descriptions, you can persuade users to click!

Use internal linking

Enabling internal links so that Google can index your page thereby making search easier and land your pages better.

Optimize your images

For your pages to load faster and make SEO implementation better, Image optimisation is our go-to funda!

Page Speed Optimization

This is the pinnacle of SEO Optimization. Our SEO experts work on page optimisation techniques so that your page loads faster and better.

Fix broken links

We help fix links that do not lead to anything. Fixing broken links will help SEO function better by showing that your website is not outdated.


2. Off Page SEO

Build high quality backlinks

Imbibing the concept of backlinks using Off Page SEO to increase the authenticity of your page when it comes from another authentic and trustworthy website.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence and Digital presence go hand in hand. By creating the right kind of social media presence , we help enhance the presence of your website.

Participate in online forums and communities

Implementing the participation in online forums and communities to establish backlinks coming from authoritative forums such as Quora, Yahoo Groups and many more. The Internet is filled with forums and communities that help optimize off-page SEO.


3. Technical SEO

Optimize XML sitemap & robots.txt files

Provide optimization of XML SiteMap and robots.txt file so that it makes it easy for Google bots to get to your page and understand your website better.

Implement schema Markup

Helping Search engines understand the content on your web pages by optimizing the Schema markup and making it load faster and more relevant.

Optimize URLs

Our SEO Professionals help optimize URLs so that it makes the search engines realize how valuable your content is and how easily your web page can be made relevant to users.

Remove unwanted JS

Increasing page optimizations by removing unwanted pieces of code so that your web pages load faster and make search engines rank it higher.


4. Local SEO

1. Optimize Google My Business Profile

Optimizing Google My Business profile helps search engines root for your website and help them rank higher during Google Search.

2. Build citations and listings

Helping you build the trust of users by citations and listings and also improve Google’s trust by telling that your business is authentic .

3. Local Keywords

Using local keywords improve the visibility of your website and improve the organic search of your website.

How we execute our plan and strategies

Plans and Strategies at Ayatiworks goes through a series of brainstorming sessions and meetings. The final plans are as following:

  • Understand what the customer really wants and set goals accordingly.
  • Strategy: Create the perfect SEO strategy.
  • Research: Perform a keyword research that aligns with the goals.
  • Define the valuable webpages.
  • Analyze the competitor and find out what can be made better.
  • Perfect plan the resources.
  • Implement all kinds of SEO - On Page, Off Page, Technical and Local.
  • Create a Customer Funnel.
  • Generate Reports and set expectations accordingly.

    How we promote your business

    In your growth lies ours! At the end of the day, it’s all about promoting your business on the right platform and in the right direction. This is how we help you promote your business:

  • Provide access to the latest tech and resources in the field of digital marketing.
  • Provide high performing, fresh content.
  • Adapt to the changes in the algorithms of Search Engines.
  • Develop long term and short term goals and strategies.
  • Run campaigns
  • Generate reports on performance

Our Clients

We have a long standing relationship with our clients.Breakup is a word the team at Ayatiworks never understands. Our clients make us which is why we take pride in each one of our clients.


SEO is not an overnight process. The process of SEO takes about 4-6 months but it can also go up to 12 months. With SEO, comes a lot of patience.

To improve digital presence, strengthen organic reach of your website , generate traffic so that people can be converted into potential customers.

A successful SEO campaign cannot be measured using only one metric. It is the output of a combination of metrics such as Time spent on your page, Organic Traffic, CTR, ranking of the keywords and a lot more.

SEO can be self implemented if you have the right technical resources, the time and the knowledge. But since every doctor knows how to handle a particular disease, SEO should be best left to the digital marketing agencies.

There is no fixed price for SEO. It may vary depending on the size of your website, the level of competition and many more. Keep in mind that SEO is not an overnight process. It takes time to obtain the results for SEO

SEO is not a short-term investment. It is a long term investment and it may vary from project to project, industry to industry. Overall, SEO requires patience to gain ROI.

SEO is the most powerful when it comes for smaller businesses to compete with larger businesses. Larger businesses may have all the resources but with the right SEO techniques even smaller businesses can improve their visibility and presence in the digital space.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of improving organic search rankings in search engines like Google. Paid search advertising, on the other hand, involves paying for ads to appear at the top of search results for specific keywords.