Established in 2017, Ayatiworks has been delivering world-class information technology ever since.

Your business and your customers are always our first priority.

  • 2017

    The year of emergence.

    It all started with just two minds yearning to achieve big. Initially helping smaller brands and startups to grow and show their digital presence to the world. As the year progressed, so did our emergence. We had brands approach us to have their digital presence across platforms. Brands like Kesavardhini and Syscom are renowned for decades and had pretty amazing market sales but wanted to stay updated in the technology-driven world. Thanks to our unique strategies, we helped them bring more sales and presence digitally.

  • 2018

    The year of promise.

    Our first anniversary couldn’t get any better, along with our existing eminent clients we added another feather to our cap - Institutional sales for schools in Singapore, our first overseas clients. Knowing about our efficient ROI generated with our unique strategy plan, the community entrusted us with their belief. Our digital numbers increased with the members of our team from 2 in the early days to a 6 member team in just a years time. Our client network saw a pretty increase too with Pettikadai, Vinayak motors, Noritake as new clients making 2018 a promising year.

  • 2019

    The year of prominence

    An extended version of 2018, 2019 was reassuring just as we expected. With a bigger picture in the industry, with a lot of big players like Xiaomi, Siva Hospitals, Dr Cecy, Hyundai on the screen, our stand-out way of digital marketing proved that we were on the perfect track. But the journey can be etched only when it's taken ahead with time. A bigger fish, yes, we developed our own learning management product for the Singapore Government. And thus making our 6 member pack to a 10 member team.

  • 2020

    The year of hope

    We were hoping for a better future and surprisingly, Covid-19, and Lockdown was imposed. As the year of hope, we didn't let our hopes down. We did what we’re best at, never stop progressing. Our team from 10 to 15, became bigger as we had bigger clients like Nova life space, Vels Group of Institutions, Indian Terrain, Royal Enfield, Benelli approach us for various services and eventually helped them grow. 2020 as stated, kept our hopes alive by conferring us with the Best brand of Tamil Nadu.

  • 2021

    The year of recognition

    It’s half a decade and pride in itself, we positioned ourselves as the best digital interactive tech company in the market. Awarded with “Excellence in Digital Marketing”, we kept ourselves updated by delivering results as promised. All of our pioneer clients stayed with us and new clients approached us for our continued results-driving best in industry strategy. With this, Ayatiworks is now a team of 20 professionals.

  • 2022

    The year of blooming

    Now that we’ve set our benchmark in the industry, it’s time we widen our wings in the sky of digital interactive technology. Our new workplace will house 5 individual departments that include the Creative team, Content team, Strategy team, Web and Product development team, Social Media team and Client Success team. That’s what Ayatiworks is all about, next is now.

  • 2023

    Year of Fruition

    A scholar very famously quoted that, "Patience is the mother of all virtues". With this perfect thought etched into our hearts, we step into our 7th year.
    All our hardships and labour are paying us off now. After tasting the fruits of this labour, we are ready to envision a better future with our team,
    This year, we stride ahead with hope, newer learnings, and stronger goals. At Ayatiworks, the Next is Upon us Now!.

  • 2024

    Year of Unnati

    Step into the Year of Unnati, our eighth chapter marked by triumph and resilience. Every challenge met has blossomed into rewards, reflecting our commitment to progress. This year is a celebration of reaching new heights in our collective achievements and personal growth. Our wealth isn't just measured in financial gains but in the wealth of experiences, knowledge, and shared success. As we stand at the summit of accomplishment, the spirit of Unnati propels us forward into a future teeming with promise and prosperity. Welcome to a year of boundless opportunities!.