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If you own a smartphone, chances are you are also on social media. Social Media is booming and almost everybody wants to make their presence a prominent one? The How is the real deal. Make a viral social media presence with the best social media marketing company in Chennai. Achieve the highest level branding and marketing presence while you pair with the social media agency in Chennai. Social Media marketing in Chennai calls for Ayatiworks - next is now.

Our Works

A Winning approach to Social Media Marketing

How do you win when it comes to Social Media Marketing? By creating an established presence so that the consumer feels the need to come back to your brand each time it needs something.

How we execute our plan and strategies

We follow a 7-step rule when it comes to the executions of our plans and strategies:


Identify Target Audience

Engaging right techniques to identify current or potential customers who use search engines to identify businesses. Our SEO experts will help grow your digital presence and your business.


Conduct Keyword Research

Implementing the right keywords that people enter into search engines so that your page is ranked higher is what our SEO experts focus on.


The 10:4:1 rule

A brand just cannot keep talking about itself on Social Media. Talking about the brand, and it’s landing pages and blog posts, is a must, but that does not mean that it’s all it should talk about. We follow a simple 10:4:1 rule - For every 15 social media posts, we have 1 link to landing pages, 4 posts on blogs and 10 posts on content from other sources


Review Analytics

Data is everything. The perfect way to find out how well a page is performing is by keeping track of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They help figure out the leads generated, customers produced due to social network, like/ followers count increase, views on blog posts and a lot more.


Involving the Sales Team

While we focus on various company’s social media marketing channels, we also involve the sales team to promote company content on LinkedIn to garner reputation and generate revenue. It’s a win-win call.


Make Sharing easy

When it comes to Social Media, it is all about sharing. We make it easy for our audience to share by adding icons for share and follow on their respective landing pages and other marketing collaterals. The more the shares, the more the reputation.


Know your customer

It’s important to follow customer pages on Social Media to see what they have to say, or other people have to say about the brand, and what efforts can be invested in better promotion of the brand.

How we promote your business

Business promotion is tricky, but definitely a fulfilling one if the following steps are performed:


Choose the right platform

  • Not all brands are meant for all social media channels
  • Depending on the business and the customers, the social media channels are decided
  • Based on how the audience connects with the brand, the social media channels are decided.
  • For example, if it's all about educational videos, then YouTube is the best platform.

Content Calendar Creation

  • Last minute posts hassle leads to delivering low quality content.
  • In order to create an effective social media presence, it’s always better to create a content calendar so that effective social media posts are created.
  • Content Calendars also help create goals and strategies and help track them as well.

Encourage Engagement

  • Creating and posting social media posts alone is not enough
  • The key to a successful social media strategy includes Engagement.
  • Asking the audience to comment, share or repost existing posts helps increase engagement, thereby increasing the visibility of your page.

Cross - Channel Promotion

  • No shame in indulging in Cross Channel Promotion
  • Requesting audiences from other platforms to like a brand’s social media page on any other social media platform is Cross-Channel Promotion.
  • This helps increase the number of followers and increase page visibility.

No Over-Promotion

  • Promoting about the Brand alone is not what Social Media is about
  • Add other information, tips, hacks or DIY to make the page more interactive and interesting

Targeted Ads

  • Nothing better than targeted ads to get faster to the customer
  • One effective way of implementing targeted ads is by incorporating facebook Pixel on the customer’s website
  • Keeps track of the audience and helps re-target them.

It’s all about Creating Value

  • If the content creates no value, it is of no use to the audience
  • It is important to create content that the audience will find useful.
  • Could be something that they did not know before, something funny, something entertaining etc.

Our Clients

We have a long standing relationship with our clients.Breakup is a word the team at Ayatiworks never understands. Our clients make us which is why we take pride in each one of our clients.


Social media marketing can have a lot of benefits such as brand awareness, increased engagement, increase traffic to your page or website, better targeting and a lot more.

Depending on the type of content that is to be published. For example, if yours is a cosmetic and makeup brand that wishes to promote its products, then no better place than Instagram and Facebook. The audience is young and active and therefore attraction of customers will be higher.

There is no specific type of content. It differs with different clients. Some prefer humor, while some prefer serious content. It varies from brand to brand, client to client.

Depends on the goal determined for the brand. This also depends on the brand and the client. But the more the postings, the higher the visibility.

The best way to measure the success of a social media campaign is by setting goals and comparing to check how far the goal has been reached.

Every client has been a successful one, which is why we have the strongest client relationships.

Each negative comment gives another reason for us to get better. We work on the negative feedback and try not repeating the same one again.

By reading. Each member of our team keeps track of the changes and trends happening in the dynamic Social Media and works on implementing them in our routine.

Communication on strategies, product positioning, kind of content and approvals of designs can always be expected of us. Apart from that, only news of growth and increments on Social Media.

Find out which metric has underperformed and create new strategies to improve the performance of the page. Experiment and test as to what will work better for the page.