Web Design, Social Media Marketing

Client Brief

Vels Group is a renowned educational institution since its advent 29 years ago. A pride name in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, Vels Group was looking to expand its presence to the rest of the country. In order to engage with a much larger and more diverse audience than ever before, an immediate revamp of their digital presence was the need of the hour. Here’s how we at Ayatiworks helped their relevance in the Educational space.

Our Strategy

Vels’ old website was outdated, with long text scrolls, listing pages, and no interactive aspects. We concluded that the website required a total overhaul and switched to a more interaction-oriented design. This included re-creating vels’ own brand identity. Before we go into how we got started, let's take a closer look at how digital marketing for educational institutions will transform the industry.

Once we had our design elements in place, we next moved to the content. Varied course options are treats popular across all the students. Our team realised the importance of catering to multiple generations at once. Vels website features simple, yet detailed content – with details and facts to stir up some information in anyone reading. We were able to create content that both informed and engaged the students in a relevant yet empowering way.


A complete revamp of the design

Informative website with detailed appeal .

Interactive portal

Unique websites for each institution.


Vels Group has been associated with us for more than one year now and their engagements have been increased to a big extent.


Website Visits


Leads Generated


Engagement rate