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A positive user experience encourages interaction

A good user experience is the most important aspect of any digital activity. No matter the application, a good user experience through design improves brand perception and facilitates adoption.

positive user experience

Mobile First is the hymn of our design

Allowing code to adapt to screen sizes, in our opinion, is a sloppy approach to implementing Mobile First. Mobile First has two components at Ayatiworks. The first consideration is the visual layout. We design the visual layout for the small screen first, then expand it to larger screens. This allows users to interact with the application in any of the user environments with ease. The native function of the device with which users interact is the second component of the user experience. These distinctions are significant, and if not accounted for during the design process, they can lead to delays in development and usage

User experience to complete the transaction

User experience is frequently perceived as only the visual appearance of the application. However, user experience entails more than just a visual appearance. At Ayatiworks, we take care to ensure that the user experience encourages users to complete transactions by ensuring that communication is self-explanatory, assets and information are easily accessible, and user actions are required to adhere to an intuitive and user-friendly grammar. As a result, process-related drop-offs in conversion are reduced, increasing the channel's effectiveness

Interactive processes for improved design

A wide range of tools must be developed in order to provide a good user experience. These tools enable clients and our teams to communicate and collaborate on the design. These tools can sometimes simulate prototypes that can be used to test experience.