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Working from home was a wonderful change that the country's working-class youth looked forward to and valued before the COVID19 epidemic. During the lockdown months, individuals began working from home, with all the ramifications it entailed. With a huge number of these working-class individuals as customers, Office 2000 approached us to develop a marketing strategy that would feel like Chicken Soup for the Working-From-Home Soul. As a result, we set out to create something that would recall, comfort, and delight our audience in the nostalgia of their "Good Ol' Office Days."


WBy the time we were ready to start marketing, a few media outlets had already generated short bits of material about how people miss their old work collaborations and all that went with them. But, we reasoned, retain it. Although a few individuals have told this story through the eyes of workers and the things they miss about a meeting conference, we made them realise the efficiency of hybrid workspaces like Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Now that we'd come up with a huge concept, the issue became, "How do we make it large?" Due to the fact that practically all of our target audience spent their time indoors, there was an increase in the use of Social Media as a platform and its numerous characteristics. There was never a better time to leverage creatives as a platform than when the brief stated that O2K wanted to increase their social media engagement.

On social media, users would believe in the messaging and services of the brand if it comes from anyone but the brand. This user behaviour gave us the opportunity to use one more path to propagate our marketing. We used website links to promote their products and redirect them to learn more about O2K. This process not only multiplied our reach capabilities but also improved the authenticity of our message.


O2K has been with us for the last 3 months, and our results do the talking. We hope this journey continues...


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