Everything that Telegram Premium offers!

Telegram now has 700 million+ active users and has etched a spot in the top 5 downloaded apps worldwide in 2022. Surprisingly, Telegram hasn’t advertised its app, everything happened with personal recommendations by the users.

The new premium subscription lets users double their abilities within the app! Unlike other apps, non-paid users will be able to make use of some Premium features, such as the ability to view stickers sent by premium users, download extra-large documents, and tap to boost counts on premium replies that have already been added to a message.

Telegram will allow its existing free users to continue enjoying the existing benefits, while the revenue generated from premium subscriptions will be used for further development of the app, Telegram stated.

4 GB Uploads

Every user has access to limitless free storage in the Telegram Cloud and may upload huge files and media that are individually up to 2 GB in size. Now that Telegram Premium is available, users may transfer anything up to 4 GB in size.

Faster Downloads

Media and files can be downloaded as quickly as possible for premium subscribers. Everything in your limitless cloud storage can be downloaded at the fastest speed your network can provide.

Doubled Limits

With Premium, you may store up to 10 favourite stickers, follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with a maximum of 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any Telegram app, and pin up to 10 chats to the main list.


When you don't want to listen but yet want to see what is being said, voice communications can be turned into text. To help them get better, you may rate transcriptions.

Chat Management

Telegram Premium helps you arrange your conversation list. For example, you may change the default chat folder so that the app always starts in a certain category, such as Unread, rather than All Chats.

Animated Profile Pictures

Everyone using the app, including conversations and the chat list, will be able to see the animated profile videos of premium members. Show off your fresh appearance to the world or showcase your originality with a special looping animation.

No Ads

In certain nations, sponsored messages are broadcast over significant channels. These discreet, privacy-conscious adverts assist in covering Telegram's operational costs, but they won't be visible to Telegram Premium users anymore.

Apart from these major advancements for premium users, App icons, special badges, unique reactions, and unique stickers are the other highlights. All the Public figures and organizations are now eligible for verification badges, so users can now trust the information are from a trusted source.

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