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Strategic Consulting is the basis of digital interaction.

We aim to provide our clients with a digital bridge to their users in whatever they do. These cover a wide gamut – enabling conversations with consumers in brand marketing; enabling online transactions whether through eCommerce or activation campaigns; creating platforms for digital businesses in entertainment, fintech; managing enterprise-level networks, and optimising performance. In all of these, however, our core promise is to offer our clients solutions that are practical, dependable, and reliable.

Strategic Consulting the basis of the digital interaction

Our main goal in all of our efforts is to figure out what will make a difference for the user in the context of what we're trying to accomplish. To describe this, we use the phrase "Next is now." The activities we intend to take in generating the suitable digital asset are then based on this.

Strategic Consulting

Next Is Now(NiN) - organising principle for digital activities

Simply expressed, the NiN is a declaration of the organising principle that will best encourage the desired behaviour from our viewers. The NiN would be interpreted based on the activity being carried out. When establishing a website, for example, one of the activities may be a presentation of the NiN in the form of a movie, a calculator, or an interactive tool.

The same NiN may be a slogan that expresses the concept in a digital display advertising campaign; in organic search, it will drive the Search Engine Optimization efforts

User needs are the basis of the NiN

It seems to reason that the NiN should be built around the demands of the users as the user is involved in any digital activity. We determine user requirements through a series of in-depth interviews with the digital asset's intended consumers. The goal of these interviews is to learn what users want from the solution and what matters to them the most.

The suggested solution is reviewed from the user's perspective to see how it would help them with their most pressing concerns. As a result, we may express the NiN in user language such as, "We will assist the user to acquire what they care about most by doing/providing."

Measurement and Analytics are an integral part of the strategy

Setting goals and assessing success is an important aspect of Ayatiworks' approach as measurement and analytics are crucial components of every plan. We accomplish this by investing in data services such as SimilarWeb and Media Audits, as well as utilising log file analysers such as Google Analytics and Omniture, tracking digital campaigns through clickstreams and tag managers, and utilising public APIs provided by digital channels such as Social Media, search engines, and marketing platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud.