Mobile App Design

Ayati’s mobile app designing services

Our expert mobile UX and UI designers are adept at designing apps for both iOs and Android platforms, for novice as well as skilled users, and for generic and specific audiences too! We strive to offer consistent user experience across multiple mobile devices and ensure that all our apps are universally designed for a cross-platform experience.

Why do you need a well-designed mobile app?

An effective UI/ UX design can turn out to be extremely profitable for your business in the long run as they can end up creating engaging experiences that attract users.

The major goal behind designing any mobile application is to achieve both direct and indirect business goals such as boosting sales, building a brand name, improving brand reputation, and increasing revenue. A well-designed mobile application can directly enable the realization of these goals.

Mobile App Design Services in Chennai

Why choose Ayati?

Having had over 3 years of experience in mobile app design and UI UX design, we will be able to assist you in bringing your mobile application idea to life on both i0S and Android platforms. Right from drawing up the blueprint to maintenance support, our expert team will be here to assist you at all times. Our designers will treat your product as their own, ensuring that the app is a great hit with your customers. With our proactive approach to the designing mobile app, you'll be certain to receive not only the mobile app you wanted but a much better version of it, thanks to our team’s input and concepts supported by the latest trends in UI UX design. And, as a top mobile app design company, we are well-equipped to design apps for clients across diversified industries.

What do we do?

There are several approaches to Mobile App Design – from Xamarin to React Native, Hybrid to Native to Wireframe. Our team is well-versed in these a number of these languages and has in-depth experience with PhotoShop, HTML 5, CSS3, Xcode, typographic skills, and can therefore easily provide unparalleled support. Furthermore, our designers work closely with your team to ensure that the app's design matches your core business values to the bone.

At Ayati, we strive to ensure that each mobile app we design is:
  • Motivated by a goal or target
  • Easily navigable
  • Original, uncluttered and engaging
  • Compatible with multiple devices and platforms
  • Feedback- friendly with 24*7 connectivity
  • Has a call-to-action architecture
  • In line with current trends
  • Designed specifically for your target audience!

We also make sure to verify and test even the most minute aspects of the application design, analyze its limitation, scope in mobile environments in order to make it user-friendly. We do this by employing the latest technologies to test the effectiveness of our UI designs and ensure that our applications are all well-received by the intended audience.