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Ayati’s e-learning services

Our e-learning services encompass a wide range of services including administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and, delivery of educational courses, training programs or, learning and development programs. If you are an educational organization or a corporate organization looking to train or retrain your employees, our e-learning services might be highly beneficial for you to manage, interact, and track your students or employees.

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The benefits of e-learning

Building strong and engaging e-learning resources is the first step towards success in the educational arena these days. There has been a dramatic shift to web-based learning since the onset of the pandemic. This has resulted in an increased demand for more accessibility, multiple audience support, and mobile and web advancements in education. In simpler terms, education is undergoing a digital revolution.It is now important to adopt the latest technology to manage training materials, curriculum, and evaluation tools. E-learning providers enable organizations to easily create, track and distribute learning materials among many. LMS developers help to create electronic course work and deliver it with unprecedented flexibility.

With our e-learning services are available 24/7 to students to be accessed from any location. This means that you cut back on travel costs for the instructor, printing costs, and other costs associated with the logistics of teaching at a physical location. Using our LMS systems under our e-learning toolbox, students can be evaluated without hassles before taking a course, during participation and upon course completion. We also provide original content for your e-learning resources including product descriptions, course materials, forms, or specifications, and other vital information as per your needs and requirements.

Why choose Ayati?

We have a time-tested process for delivering measurable results. When these targets are mutually established and agreed upon, the work from your end will be minimal. In simpler terms, working with us will feel effortless, with minimal babysitting from your end right from the beginning, unlike other companies that constantly seek out your ‘help’. At Ayati, you can simply tell us what you want and then chose to be just as involved as you want to be! We value your inputs and your time equally. We verify and test even the minutest aspects of tour e-learning resources, analyze its limitation, scope in mobile and browser environments in order to make it user-friendly.

What do we do?

In addition to e-learning website development, we also offer the following e-learning services:
  • Education CMS development
  • LMS Designing
  • Education website redesigning services
  • Educational app development
  • Digital marketing services for your e-learning services