Social Media Marketing : Unleashing the Power of Digital Agencies

Let’s begin by defining Metaverse. Whilst there are many definitions out there, and almost all of them point to the same overall meaning we at Ayatiworks wanted to define Metaverse from a marketing context.

By traditional definition, Metaverse is the collection of many virtual worlds in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality space. It’s a place where audience, especially Gen Z - audience of the present and future are beginning to spend most of their time. Hence, Metaverse marketing is upcoming and has huge potential for tapping into audiences in an interactive and creative way.

The basic tenet of Metaverse Marketing is to merge the physical and virtual worlds seamlessly for holistic customer experience and marketing. Brands need to create virtual worlds that resemble the real world in essence but with scope for fantastical customer exploration, engagement, and experience. Rather than creating content, the focus of marketing should be on building experiences. Imagine being inside a virtual Times Square or listening to Apple’s spatial audio in Metaverse!

Metaverse is still at a nascent stage and the apt usage when it pops into our marketing world, would be, to build brands than to drive sales. Brands can leverage Metaverse to build connect with the audience and even be the customer’s virtual friend or guide. The scope for leveraging marketing on Metaverse is endless with infinite possibilities.

Ayatiworks is poised and ready and looking forward to riding the Metaverse wave when it sweeps!