Meta now allows adding reels from existing videos using the creator studio

By looking at methods to make user-friendly video creation possible, Meta is moving forward with its aim to promote Reels.

According to social media expert and consultant Matt Navarra, users may now utilise Creator Studio to build Reels from their current Facebook videos.

According to him, users may now extract snippets from their films and distribute them as a Reel or a narrative. Creators have the option of selecting clips themselves or having the platform suggest content. These Reels can then be shared for subsequent posting or posted right away.

Meta looks to be pulling Facebook along for the trip as it focuses on turning Instagram into a fun alternative to TikTok, the industry leader in short-form video. - Ref of Matt Navarra’s Tweet!

It seems logical that Reels are now a component of Facebook's plan given that searches for Instagram Reels last year outnumbered searches for Instagram Stories.

Instagram introduced new Reels features earlier this month, including themes, interactive stickers, longer Reels, additional sound effects, and the option to import sound.

Zuckerberg also shared that Meta would be launching other monetization tools, such as Interoperable Subscription, Monetizing Reels, Creator Marketplace, and Digital Collectables.

Looks exciting, doesn’t it?

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